Mision Ilec

The International Language & Education Center was created with the purpose of facilitating the interaction and cooperation between people of different countries and cultures. In ILEC not only we teach different languages, but also try to contribute to deepen the level of intercultural understanding as a key point so as to obtain an effective communication in this new era of globalization. We are a young and energetic institute. We make our best in order to give our students the best quality of teaching and the widest variety of activities with the objective of achieving their best in interpersonal communicational skills, leadership and intelligence.

Mission Ilec

Allow students to have a space to develop their interpersonal communicational skills to help them in their comprehensive knowledge as people and as professionals.

Vision Ilec

To make our students happy while they face the adventure of studying a new language, to learn a special way to see the world and to face dynamic challenges.

Values Ilec

Responsibility - Innovation - Team Work - Commitment.