We have several services for assisting and accompanying our Chinese students who are living in Argentina.

We assist you during your whole process as a student


1 - Picking a school for the children

We help you in the search of schools according to your area of living and preferences.


2 - School tutoring

Tutoring on different school subjects of primary and secondary level.


3 - Paperwork for different purposes

We help you with the paperwork necessary for university admissions.


4 - Coaching

Coaching services for university students.

Coaching Services for the Development of the Bachelor and Master Thesis:
1. Personalized assistance for the elaboration of graduate or postgraduate thesis, in Spanish or English language.
2. Counseling to define the project, its presentation and justification.
3. Assistance to define the structure of the thesis.
4. Correction and improvement of the content and its composition.
5. Support to prepare final presentation and defense before a jury.